Tuna Melt

Here's an easy fix for a hungry tummy.
I like making this for breakfast along with coffee or as an afternoon snack.
Tuna Melt

You'll need:
1.  Wheat bread
2.  Corned tuna or tuna flakes in oil
3.  Red onions, diced.
4.  Parmesan chees
5.  Mayonnaise
6.  Cheddar cheese
Tuna Melt
In a bowl, combine tuna, mayo, parmesan, and chopped onions.  Set aside.
*Make sure to pre-toast your bread.
Tuna Melt
Spread the mix over bread.
Layer with sliced cheddar cheese.
Tuna Melt
Toast until cheese melts.
Tuna Melt
Top with second slice of toasted bread.
Cut sandwich in half to make it easier to eat.
Tuna Melt
 Serve and enjoy!
Tuna Melt
Super yummy!
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  1. wow. Tuna spread with cheese... looks yummy..!


  2. This looks yummy! Bakit ngayon ko lang natagpuan ang blog mo? :)) I'll be you're reader na everyday!

    By the way have you joined my giveaway?

    1. wow! thanks sis! i just joined your giveaway. thanks for the heads up about pangalan.com, i will definitely consider them ;) happy new year!



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