Sunshine Award and The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I got two awards! Yay!
I would like to thanks these lovely ladies,
for giving me the,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNH3heqjJ5sANjb_zBmaztXyMYPpeQ&ust=1399036480089658

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Arya asked
(1)  Favorite vacation place?
(2)  Summer or rainy season.
(3)  Divergent or Hunger Games?
Uhm, none. I guess I live under a rock :)
(4)  Favorite actor.  Why?
Keanu Reeves, a good man with a good heart ;)
(5)  Your crush says "Hi", what will be your reaction.
(6)  You're addicted to?
Junk foods!
(7)  Favorite youtuber?
I like HilahCooking's and Grave Yard Girl's sense of humor.

I also find Strawburry17 cute.
(8)  What food that instantly pops in your mind when you're angry?
Cheese :) 
(9)  What do you think is the coolest job on earth.
Being a mom!
(10)  Favorite type of music.
I appreciate any kind :) 
(11)  Are you beautiful (*wink)?
I guess so :) Hahaha!

Jean asked
(1)  What time do you usually wake up and get up from bed?
(You may have two answers.)
6:30 and 7:00
(2)  What do you do first thing in the morning?
Greet my doggies "Goooood Morning!" :)
(3)  Coffee or tea?
Coffee AND tea.
(4)    What is your favorite breakfast food?
Omelettes :)
(5)  Any other morning ritual/s?
I smile in front of the mirror.  Yes, I'm crazy like that :D
(6)  Care to share your top/favorite be-happy tip?
Watch funny videos on YouTube!
(7)    What’s your plan on how to spend the rest of your summer?
 Too bad, I can't. Gotta work :(
(8)  How do you cheer yourself up when you’re feeling low?
I eat :) Hahaha, I'm an emotional eater, I know.
(9)  How do you relax?
I tinker :)
(9)  Favorite chill-out place?
Our bed.
(9)    Pool or beach?
Definitely the beach!

Jaqueline asked  
(1)  Are you a morning or evening person?
Both, I can easily adjust :)
(2)  Your favorite travel destination?
The beach, it's my happy place!
(3)  Your favorite food?
Pizza! I can eat this every day for the rest of my life :)
(4)  Describe an unforgettable moment.
I can't think of one right now :)
(5)  What is your usual daily routine?
Get up, take a shower, eat breakfast, work, eat lunch, work,
eat dinner, work, blog, then sleep :) Booooring!
(6)  Black or white?
Black and white.
(7)  What makes you happy?
Quality time with the family, and oh! Reading comments on my blog!
(8)  Any beauty tip you want to share?
Always smile :)
(9)  What type of music do you listen to?
Usually pop, r&b, or rock, but I've recently discovered this YouTube channel where they cover famous songs and make it sound old school.
I highly recommend that you check them out :) 
(10)  Name a gadget which you cant live without.
My computer, of course.
(10)(The usual HR question) How do you see yourself in 5, 10 years?
Hopefully a mom and an owner of an ice cream parlor :)

For my second award, I would like to thank
for giving me the

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I'm an only child.
    We've got two chihuahuas! My babies, Bullet & Chiqui.
I can type with my eyes shut.  Yes I can :)
I am an expert multi-tasker which means I've got very poor concentration.
I can eat a whole box of pizza in one sitting. Hahaha!
I love collecting and making fashion accessories.
I will not buy anything unless I cannot DIY it :)  I am a cheapskate, I know!
My husband and I met over the internet.
I love watching cooking shows.  Two of my favorite chefs are Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.
If I like a movie, I'd watch it over and over again.  Sweet November, Easy A, The Notebook, and Raising Helen are some of the movies I've watched for the nth time.  I probably can say every line in these movies :)
I sometimes get too tired to work I want to have a very relaxing day-off, but when I have no work, I miss it so much, I easily get bored, I've got to do something, so, yeah, I'm a workaholic!

*bullets used from here*

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(1)  Girly or Tomboy?
(2)  Best advice you ever received?
(3)  Where's your happy place?
(4)  Cats or dogs?
(5)  Your favorite movie?
(6)  Recommend a YouTuber
(7)  What's the story behind your blog name?
(8)  Favorite color?
(9)  Tell me a secret :)
(10)  What's your sign?
(11)  Favorite ice cream flavor?

Thanks for reading :)
I'd like to leave you with the song that keeps playing on my head while doing this tag

And oh, speaking of Emma Stone, have you watched this video? She's a-ma-zing!
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  1. I only really noticed Emma Stone because of this epic lip sync battle. Lol. She is soooooo good! :D

  2. Oh my goodness! Ice cream parlor, I can eat a whole tub in one sitting (I used to eat a whole box of pizza too)

  3. Cool answers! Nice post and I love the idea of ice cream parlor. Yummmm! I stumbled upon your blog through Blogs Ng Pinoy. You may want to visit my site too and we can follow each other :) Just let me know. Keep in touch dear!

    1. followed you na dear :) keep in touch!

  4. I very much love pizza too!! And we're both workaholic but I'm thinking of taking a break from the corporate world this year. I know of some people who met their significant others through the internet and it's amazing what technology can do! :)

    1. thanks rea! virtual high five! ^_^

  5. congrats on the award :)

    1. thanks dear! looking forward to your post :)

  6. Nice! Congrats on the award! Lucy

  7. Congrats on the award! I live under a rock and have read neither of those books too :x

  8. Very nice post ! Congratulations for your award.
    Have a lovely weekend :)

  9. Congratulations on winning the sunshine award. Well done babe :)
    I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin' and would appreciate if you would follow me back. xx

  10. Lovely post dear:)
    Love your blog so much!
    Maybe we could follow eachother ,let me know on my blog?

  11. Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your answers.
    Unbelievable you met your husband on the internet.

    1. amazing what the internet can do. thanks dear!

  12. Congrats dear! It is nice know get to know you better :)

  13. Seems like you like the beach a lot ! (2 likes in one sentence...)
    That's amazing that you met your husband on the internet !

    1. yes! thanks for stopping by mushii!

  14. Thank you for the award dearie! I will do a post on this soon. I'm back!

  15. Gordon Ramsay!:D I love watching Masterchef:D Have you watch that, teh?:)
    I can't ever finish a whole pizza but I can finish a tub of Ice cream and feel absolutely bloated. AHAHAHA, so once you have your ice cream parlor, I'm gonna ba there in no time:D
    Thank you for nominating me:) I'll do one soon:)

    ♥ Charms | My ∞ Fashion Confession

    1. haven't watched that ning. i heard he's really strict but i watched his home cooking series. he's more laid back when he's with his kids. will definitely invite you ning pag natupad yung dream kong ice cream parlor, eat all you can! :) looking forward to your post. keep in touch!mwah!

  16. Yay! Happy to read your answers to my q's :) Angel can i ask a question? Did you do the coding for your layout? How were you able to put Google Friend Connect box? Mine wont show up! :(

    1. yes sis. i did the coding ^_^ pati sa blog layout DIY. just go to layout -> add gadget -> more gadgets (below basics sa left side) -> followers. i think nasa second page sya :) hope this helps sis!

  17. ^sis thank you for the reply :) im not using the blogger layout template thats why i cant add gadgets.. i got my layout from a blogskin site. suko na ko hehe.

    1. sis, i found another tutorial. try the second option baka sakaling magwork (?)

  18. Thanks for doing this post/tag, Angel! :) Nice to know bits about you. Same feels for Gordon and Jamie! <3 I watched Sweet November and The Notebook multiple times too! And oh, I love and adored Emma ever since Easy A! She's much better now! :)

    1. yes! she was hilarious on easy this girl :) pretty but doesn't mind being silly :)


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