Gold Chain Elastic Bracelet

Arm candies were a big hit last year and I love making mine.  I actually have two boxes full of bracelets I made last year and a lot of extra strings and beads that I could turn into bracelets or necklaces.  Got this idea from YouTube where this girl (sorry I forgot her name) made a bracelet out of hair elastics and gold chain, and I said, I could do that, that's easy ;) plus that would be perfect because having long naturally curly hair, I always have the urge, no, the need to tie hair my hair especially during this weather, which makes my hair into a big ball of frizzy mess.  Keeping my hair off of my face is a must if your super lazy like me as I absolutely don't like styling my hair during cold days.
Gold Chain Elastic Bracelet

For this particular project, you will need the following:
1.  Long nose pliers
2.  Hair elastics
3.  Gold  chain
Gold Chain Elastic Bracelet(You can buy this at any craft store or even those fabric stores supplying accessories for night gowns, et cetera.  Some department stores also sell this.  You can by them by inch.  Got this chain from my old stash which I bought from a fabric store)
Gold Chain Elastic BraceletFirst, measure your wrist size.  Half of that measurement should be the size of your chain.  Cut your chain to appropriate size then open up your chain link on both ends of your chain.
Gold Chain Elastic BraceletNext, insert the elastic inside the chain link then close the link using your long nose pliers, crimp to secure it in place.  Do this on both sides.
Gold Chain Elastic BraceletThis is how your "bracelet" should look like afterwards.
Gold Chain Elastic BraceletTry the bracelet on to see if it fits.  Add chain links if necessary.  This is how it should look at the back.
Gold Chain Elastic BraceletYou can now wear your bracelet as a scrunchie :)  The chain makes your plain'ol hair elastic extra fancy.
Gold Chain Elastic BraceletAnd of course, you can wear it as a bracelet.  Stack 'em up for an interesting mix of arm candy!
Enjoy lovelies!
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  1. This looks real nice. The chain gave a little elegance to good old,plain elastic. Must make one for myself! :)

  2. This looks so much fun! It'd look awesome as a scrunchie - especially since my hair is almost always in a high pony/side pony/side braid/side fishtail braid. Ingenius! :)

  3. i am fascinated by creative girls like you,,, i must admit i am not patient enough to do diy crafts that's why sometimes i think to myself--- am i really a girl??? hahaha
    btw we have the exact same watch

    1. uy thanks! it was a gift from my dad way back high school days pa ata ;)

  4. This is a two-in-1 already and you can just make it a bracelet so you won't ever misplace your diy ponytail.

  5. So stylishly smart. Trust you to make a functional 2-in-1 bracelet :)

  6. Love that this bracelet can fit different wrist sizes!


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