Love Scrabble Nails

Time for another Valentine's Day-inspired DIY! This time, we'll be doing our nails :)
I got inspired by this photo from Seventeen magazine.  I found it cute and quirky, so I went ahead and tried recreating those nails.  I thought this would be a perfect for your Valentine's date.
Here's my version :)
Love Scrabble Nails

You will need:
Red nail polish (Berry Red from Sassy)
Dark brown or caramel nail polish (2-way nail design pen & brush from Chic.)
Clear nail polish (Bobbie)
Nude nail polish (Carolina Peach from Bobbie)
Love Scrabble Nails Materials

Let's start, shall we?  First, apply the nude nail polish as you normally would paint your nails.  This would be the base for your "scrabble tile".  Let it dry completely before painting them with another color.
Nude Nail Polish

While waiting for your nails to dry, practice drawing yung "LOVE" letters on a piece of paper.  My nail polish has a pen applicator but I found it too thin to make the letters so I used the brush applicator instead.
Practice until you are confident with your letters.
Scrabble Letters

Start drawing the letters on each finger.  L(1) for your index finger, O(1) for the middle finger, V(4) for the ring finger, and E(1) for your small finger.  Wait for it to dry.
Love Scrabble Letters

Next, get your tape.  Fold it lengthwise, the nonsticky side facing each other then cut your heart shape like a C-clef.  Open your folded tape and you will now have a perfect heart shape.  Place the tape over your nail then paint with red nail polish.  Remove the tape and you will be left with cutesy heart on your thumb :)
A Read Heart For Your Thumb

Apply clear nail polish/top coat to your design.
Top Coat

Tada! Super easy, super cute nail art for Valentine's Day.
Love Scrabble Nails

Enjoy everyone! Have a wonderful time doing this! Til our next DIY :) Byeeee!
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  1. Nakaka-aliw gumawa ng nail art. :D Ang cute ng idea na 'to, pwede din maglagay ng power word. :D

    1. thanks girl :) tama, pede din ibang words.

  2. So kawaii! :) Anlandi sis. hahaha joke lang!

  3. So pretty! must try this one!!!! Looks so cool..
    thanks a lot for leaving a lovely coment on my blog sis :D I really appreciate it

    love lots,


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