Calamansi + Sugar Face Scrub

I always love trying natural beauty recipes.  They're easy, convenient, of course, all natural (no preservatives), and won't break the bank.  I find that their effects are gradual, but definitely effective in doing their job.
Here's a favorite face scrub I came across which I modified.  The original recipe calls for lemons, but because calamansi is more common here in our country and because I've read in several forums that calamansi works wonders for the skin, I used calamansi for this face scrub.
 Calamansi and Sugar Face Scrub

This scrub is super easy.  You will only need:

1.  Sugar, brown or white, it doesn't matter
2.  Calamansi
3.  Cotton pads
Calamansi and Sugar Face Scrub
Now, that you've got what you need, let's start!  Wash your face this warm water.
This would help open up your pores.
Then, get your cotton pad, cut the calamansi in half, and squeeze out the juice.
Soak your cotton pad with the calamansi juice.
Next, you need to sprinkle copious amounts of sugar on the cotton pad.
Calamansi and Sugar Face Scrub
Apply on your face in gentle circular motion.  If it feels too rough on your skin, add more juice.
Note:  Please, please avoid the eye area because this would sting!
The sugar sloughs away dead skin cells and at the same time moisturizes while the calamansi makes dark spots, blemishes, discolorations, and acne scars lighter.
This scrub would reverse early development of fine lines and will even out your skin tone.Calamansi and Sugar Face Scrub
Rinse with cold water to help close your pores.
You'll notice that your skin is super smooth and glowing after rinsing.
Apply your favorite moisturizer for better effect :)
Do this at least once our twice a week and you will definitely notice a difference on your face.
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  1. I love sugar scrubs also except that calamansi doesn't agree with me. I use olive oil + sugar :) ----

    1. yup, i do not recommend this to people with sensitive skin as the calamansi stings a bit ;)

    2. For people who has sensitive skin, is it applicable to use olive oil than calamansi?

    3. For people who has sensitive skin, is it applicable to use olive oil than calamansi?


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