Easy Peasy Bead Necklace

I enjoy making necklaces and bracelets lately and have been practicing on some complicated patterns which I will probably post it later ;)
But first, here is a simple necklace tutorial for total beginners who would like to make personalized gifts this coming Christmas.  You can give this to your friends, sister, mom, or even make one for yourself.  It's super easy and you can let your creativity run wild by picking different kinds of beads.
 Basic Bead Necklace

For this particular project, you will need:
1.  Crystal beads
2.  Filigree bead caps in gold
3.  Round beads
4.  Spacer beads (a bit smaller than your round ones)
5.  Fishing string or elastic string
6. Scissors
Basic Bead Necklace
Let's get started!  First, you have to measure your string.
Measure 16 inches if you want the necklace to hit the collarbone, 20 inches if you want it to hit a few inches below the collarbone,  24 inches for it hit the breast bone,  and 30 inches will be appropriate for it to hit below the bust line.  Make sure to add extra 5 to 6 inches of string before cutting for tying your necklace later.  Next, Get your beads.  String them according to your liking, creating different patterns for each necklace.
Basic Bead Necklace
Here, my sequence is filigree bead cap then crystal bead then filigree bead cap and so on and so forth ;)
I used elastic string for this one because it is shorter and I do not want to put a lock on it so it would be much easier to wear.
Basic Bead Necklace
Another pattern I made is alternating spacer beads with the round beads.Basic Bead Necklace
When you reach your desired length, tie a double knot to secure your beads.  Make sure to dab a bit of clear nail polish on your knot to further secure it.
Basic Bead Necklace
You can mix your patterns on a single necklace.  Here, I made the patterns of the necklace on the left half and half to make the necklace more versatile.  One can wear it with crystal beads in front and round beads at the back or vice versa.  I also used my old bracelet to so I can layer two necklaces and wear it as one single piece.  Just let your imagination fly with making these necklaces.  There is no right or wrong here.
You can definitely personalize this also by using different colors of beads.
Basic Bead Necklace
Here's my final product.  I wore all three at the same time. Ha ha ha!
Basic Bead Necklace
Hope you enjoy creating these necklaces!
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  1. wow ang cute nmn such creativity haha i haven't tried doing it but my aunt tried it for business added u on g+

    1. thanks! try it some time.kaaliw lang ;)

      i added you on g+ na din.

      happy new year!

  2. Ang sushal naman ng color combination: gold, white and crystal. Hay, sana mahanap ko yung mga beads and other materials ko, nainspire mo ko gumawa ulit ng beaded jewelry. Hindi ko kasi alam san ko nalagay, kumpleto yun pati hooks, etc. Early stage amnesiac na ata ako. :)


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